Brightening Body Milk 250ml

Brightening body milk for a brighter and smooth complextion.
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Brightening Body Milk 250ml

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Introducing Mira Aura Brightening Body Milk, the ultimate solution for achieving a luminous, even-toned complexion. Infused with potent natural ingredients, this luxurious body milk delivers powerful skin-brightening benefits while providing deep hydration for a soft, supple finish.

Enriched with a blend of brightening agents such as vitamin C, arbutin, and kojic acid, this body milk helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. With regular use, it promotes a brighter, more radiant complexion, leaving your skin looking and feeling revitalized.

Mira Aura Brightening Body Milk also contains nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil, which deeply moisturize the skin, leaving it soft and silky smooth. Its lightweight formula absorbs quickly, ensuring that your skin feels hydrated without any greasy residue.

This product is free of parabens, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals, making it safe and gentle for all skin types. It is vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring that you can indulge in your beauty routine with peace of mind.

Achieve your dream skin with Mira Aura Brightening Body Milk and experience the transformation of your skin like never before. Get ready to embrace a luminous, radiant complexion that glows from within.

Our Brightening Body Milk is Intensely hydrating, silky skin brightening body milk that smooths skin complexion while reducing the appearance of pigmented marks.. This light, skin balancing body emulsion gradually reduces the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, discolorations, stretch marks and signs of premature aging with even skin toning and glowing results.

  •     Gets rid of keratosis pilaris ( strawberry legs ) and chicken skin  due to its mild exfoliating properties
  •     Moisten and silken skin
  •     Anti aging (Fights age spots)
  •     Diminishes discolorations and dark spots all over body
  •     Reveals natural radiance and tone
  •     Recommended for all skin types

Ingredients :

Rose hip oil, Argan oil, Vitamin E oil, Silicilic acid and Kojic acid

How to use:

Apply brightening body milk all over the body from neck down to toes preferably at night, usually followed by our glow body oil during the day.


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