by Kamira S

It can occur in people of any age, but is more common in people with dark skin tone.

Hands can say a lot about our health. Who are you and what is your general health? Sun damage and premature aging are visible through our hands, and dry skin is  more visible too. Like most of our bodies, we also need to take care of our hands. It doesn't matter how much you decorate your fingers with big stone diamonds or how you ruin your nails with the latest nail art, but dark knuckles will definitely spot the spotlight.


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One of the most exposed parts of the skin, the knuckle, is subjected to constant friction. This, along with many internal and external factors, can lead to knuckle hyper-pigmentation. Melanin, a pigment that gives the skin its natural color, is overproduced. Dark knuckles can be hereditary too. It can also be caused by a side effect of certain medications or skin care products.

It is well known that cleansing or bleaching can be suggested as a direct treatment for lighter and darker fingers. However, these methods may be contraindicated, as excessive washing can remove the outer protective epidermal layer and increase hyper-pigmentation. Also, most bleaching products you buy contain strong acids that makes the color worse.

There are several home remedies that can help prevent dark joints.

  1. Exfoliation using foot scrub 

Exfoliating is the first step in cleansing dark knuckles. In fact, this is the first step in any skin care routine. To maintain freshness, these dead cells must be removed. You can exfoliate dark areas on hands or knees using Mira Aura Beauty organic scrub. Massage with scrub and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse.


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  1. Moisturize

Giving massage to the affected area at least 3 times a day with oils can be relieving. Mira Aura Beauty organic oils can be of utmost use. 

Apply sunscreen regularly and keep your knuckles moist to prevent further darkening. Some of these simple home remedies may even help relieve joint hyper-pigmentation.

But if you were looking for the best herbal remedies for dark knuckles, your search is  over. Buy the Mira Aura Beauty Dark Knuckles Remedy  today and you can confidently flaunt these hands. There is overwhelming evidence that your knees, elbows, toes, and toes color can even out with the rest of your skin.


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How to apply:

  1. Use our remedy on the knuckles and leave for 15 minutes.
  2. Rinse with warm water.

The biggest piece of advice we give our customers when using our products is our patients. Almost all skin problems require time and patience to see results, especially when using natural products.