5 easy ways to properly make use of face cream

by Kamira S
Beauty is the pride of every woman. However, maintaining your natural glow lies in the proper use of the right beauty accessories.

Most ladies are stuck with trying to figure out how to properly make use of face cream.

Nevertheless, the use of face creams has passed the test of time as a popular trend in beauty care routines. Its proper use is specific to different skin types and ages.

Moreover, the importance of face creams cannot be overlooked or neglected. Face creams protect the skin from ultra-violet rays and dehydration. This ensures that your skin looks young and healthy.

Using a face cream goes as far as moisturizing your skin and improving your skin quality. This makes it essential that every lady has a face cream pack in her beauty kit. Getting the best out of your face cream begins with understanding how to properly apply them.

Ready to give your face the beauty lift that it deserves? Here are five easy ways to properly make use of face cream.

5 easy ways to properly make use of face cream    

•    Thoroughly wash your face

Your face will be initially clouded with oil, sweat, or makeup. You must clean your face to ensure that the face cream permeates your skin pores.
Cleaning your face before the use of a face cream helps you get rid of toxins and clogged elements.   

•      Keep your skin damp

Face creams work better on damp skin. This gives the cream ample opportunity to retain moisture. You shouldn’t wait for the skin to dry off entirely before you apply your face cream.  This is to ensure that moisture is drawn in and locked in throughout the process of using your face cream.

   •    Watch the quantity that you use

Myths are circulating on the use of face creams. Some users believe that applying much face cream on your face will provide swiftly.

Just as this assumption has no scientific backup, it also has zero proven results. Your face cream is engineered with the right nutrient and the correct proportion. All you have to do is to apply a considerable amount, all over the face.

You should make sure that your face cream is evenly distributed across your face while making sure that it isn’t making your face feel sticky. 

   •    Massage your face

While trying to apply the face cream on your face, ensure that you gently massage it through your skin.

This provides the best results as the ingredients evenly seep into your pores.

•    Stick to the Face Cream that suits your skin type

Not all face creams will work well for your skin. While you must be conscious of the type and quality of face cream that you use, you should ensure that they align with your skin type.


Understanding the right way of applying your face cream will help you plan a skincare routine that will bring out the best of your natural beauty. This will give you great value at a lesser cost.